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Emerald Waterways river cruise ships offer you panoramic views of the stunning scenery, and feature contemporary boutique hotel styling, deluxe in-suite comfort, gourmet dining options and exceptional service, all included in the price. Explore unique cultural experiences at every destination with our included exclusive EmeraldPLUS and EmeraldActive excursions.


Shore Excursions

Prepaid Gratuities

Unlimited Wines, Beers and Soft Drinks Available with Lunch and Dinner

All Port Charges, Airport Taxes and Transfer Costs

24/7 Complimentary Tea and Coffee From State-of-the-Art Machines

Complimentary Wi-Fi On-Board

All Meals Included

Pre-paid Gratuities

Complimentary Wi-Fi On-Board

Complimentary Bottled Water, Restocked Daily

On Board Bicycles

All Meals Included

On Board Fitness Center

Emerald Waterways Cruise Destinations

Emerald Waterways cruise the Rhine, Main, Danube, Saône, Rhône and Mekong rivers. Once integral trade and transportation routes are now gateways to cultural enlightenment, and there’s no finer way to navigate these treasured landmarks. From the fairy-tale castles and grandiose cathedrals of mainland Europe, to Asia’s vibrant land full of beautiful landscapes, lively people, excellent food and poignant history; explore our collection of river cruises today and take the first step in embarking on the journey of a lifetime.


Cruises From $1,890

The mighty Danube River embarks on a 2,000-mile-long journey from the Black Forest in Germany to Sulina in Romania, where it empties into the Black Sea. The waterway claims eight countries on its course, including Germany, Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria. From grand cities like Vienna and Budapest to the unspoiled Iron Gate, a Danube river cruise is the perfect way to uncover so many of Europe’s most enchanting sights in one seamless journey.

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Cruises From $2,245

During its scenic route to the North Sea, the Rhine River traverses castle-dotted landscapes and striking vistas, with nearby cities offering up a cultural fusion of medieval and cosmopolitan flair. Few journeys can compete with the romanticism of this historic waterway, and stunning sights like the UNESCO-listed Rhine Gorge testify to this region’s unspoiled splendor.

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Cruises From $1,195

The cities, towns and landscapes that accompany the Main River represents Germany in every sense. There’s the UNESCO-listed medieval old town of Bamberg, the vineyard covered hills that surround historic Württemberg and the picturesque Bavarian village of Miltenberg. Sailing these waters, exploring the nearby sights and soaking up the iconic landmarks is the perfect addition to any cruise through Central Europe.

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Cruises From $2,195

The Douro River Valley, where the Age of Discovery began. Meaning "River of Gold" and now designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Douro River was not navigable until a series of dams built in the 1950s and '60s allowed a more controlled flow of the river.Enjoy stops in Portugal ranging from the World Heritage city of Porto to the Roman settlement of Regua and in Spain - Vega de Terron and Salamanca, home to one of the oldest universities in Europe.

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Cruises From $1,445

The Rhône River has a romantic settings, quaint country villages, stunning scenery and rolling vineyards are yours to discover on your river cruise from Lyon to Chalon-Sur-Saône, Avignon and Arles. Explore the region’s wines, just waiting to be tasted, and France’s impressive architecture - including castles and palaces - there to be explored. Romanesque influences rise from cities’ ruins while castles built by French nobility tell tales of the past lives of the countries wealthy, providing you with an all-encompassing experience of France’s past and present.

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Cruises From $2,395

The Mekong River is quintessential to South East Asia. It is the lifeblood of the region and is a vast network of tributaries overflowing with vibrant life. Here the river is king and its people have developed ingenious ways to live in harmony in this beautiful landscape. Cruise through floating markets and get to know the Delta inhabitants. See children riding on the backs of water buffalo, verdant rice paddies filled with workers in conical hats and a range of water going vessels plying the narrow waterways. Pass floating villages where you will be fascinated by the resourcefulness of the people and their unique way of life.

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Emerald Waterways River Cruise Ships

Emerald Waterways revolutionary ’Star-Ships’ aren’t like other river cruise ships. They’re designed to impress and inspire with every little detail, exceeding any expectation you have of what a river cruise ship would be like. With its striking minimalistic design, sleek composition and stylish features, an Emerald Waterways ship is comparable to a contemporary designed hotel. Only it’s better, because your hotel travels with you to a multitude of fantastic destinations and offers incredible panoramic views of the stunning scenery you pass along the way.

Emerald Waterways Fleet

The Emerald fleet’s capacity for only 182 guests on board their ships, offer a truly intimate cruising experience. Not only will you enjoy a continuous view of the incredible landscapes along the famous waterways, but you’ll see a different side of Europe - one that can only be experienced on the rivers that have helped shape the history and cultures of the places they weave through.

You’ll enjoy open air system in the balcony suites and the indoor/ outdoor pool area, that make the ’Star Ships’ the 2014 Cruise Critic Editors’ Pick award winners for best new river ships.

Step on to an award-winning ship where the spacious Sun Deck offers panoramic views of the stunning scenery.



Terms and Conditions

Cruise fare includes all normal shipboard services and facilities plus, all meals, all nonalcoholic beverages, all wines, beers, spirits, shore excursions and gratuities for housekeeping, dining and bar staff. The cruise fare does not include cruise port, security, navigation, berthing, stevedoring, and baggage handling/storage charges, fuel surcharges, fees or charges imposed by governmental or quasi-governmental authorities, sightseeing or meals ashore, taxes, visa fees, valet service, or any item or service whatsoever of a personal nature, such as any massage or salon services which may be provided onboard and for which separate charges may be imposed. All Transfers between the airport and ship on the day of embarkation and disembarkation are included.