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Star Clippers

Star Clippers

Overview of Star Clippers

Star Clippers is recognized as one of the premiere specialty cruise lines in the world. Offering a unique sailing experience aboard a ship that is reminiscent of the clippers of old, these ships are nothing like the vessels we know as contemporary "cruise ships." Take the time to enjoy a sailing that will charm you with an ambience that makes you feel right at home - as if this authentic sailing ship is your own private yacht. Star Clipper Cruises are known for their warm and friendly atmosphere, the incredible attention that their staff pays to detail, and the unique experience they offer as you sail the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, and across the Atlantic. As the operators of three of the world's largest (and tallest) sailing vessels, Star Clippers brings passengers to places that larger cruise ships cannot reach, and also offers passengers the truly unique atmosphere, amenities and activities of a private yacht.

Guests on a Star Clippers ship will soon realize that this is not an ordinary cruise. You follow your own schedule; what you choose to do with your day and your evening is completely in your hands. Expect to find light-hearted fun, as the Captain and crew will entertain you with their antics and convivial attitude, and there are events and activities each day and night on deck that have evolved from the sailing heritage that Star Clippers is proud to represent. Many past guests will attest to the fact that what makes Star Clippers so special is the easygoing informality, something which is hard to replicate anywhere else.

As you sail the high seas, you'll also embark on a culinary adventure that the dedicated chefs on your vessel prepare specially for you. The menu will boast an incredible variety of international foods, all made with the freshest ingredients and served to you whenever you choose to eat. You may dine when and with whoever you'd like, including the officers (who often join guests in the dining room on most evenings). Begin your day with a continental breakfast complete with croissants, Danish pastries, and English muffins; you may also order bacon, sausage, smoked salmon and omelettes cooked just to your taste in the dining room! Lunch will bring a delicious buffet of grilled foods, seafood and salads - and if your ship stops to visit one of the many islands you'll sail by, you'll be treated to an outdoor barbecue on shore! The evening meal is also a spectacular treat: take a seat in the elegantly appointed dining room, and prepare your palate for the chef's finest culinary preparations. Such incredible food can only be complimented by equally fine wines, which will be served to you by a friendly and gracious staff. The best part is - you'll enjoy all the perks of dining at a sophisticated restaurant, without the dress code! Casual elegance is the standard at every meal onboard a Star Clippers ship.

Your stateroom or suite is going to be your nautical home-away-from-home, and you'll find that all the amenities you could ever ask for await you in your luxuriously appointed cabin. Guests will find waiting for them a comfortable bed, a marble bathroom, private safe, a television with in-cabin video, a DVD player, direct-dial telephone, a hairdryer and comfortable furnishings. Each cabin on a Star Clippers ship is engineered for comfort, ease and efficiency; mahogany woodwork compliments burnished brass fittings in a nod to nautical heritage, while prints of famous clipper ships and sailing yachts adorn the walls. Your steward will take great care of you and make sure that you want for nothing during your stay on board your Star Clippers Cruise!

Children are welcome on board all Star Clippers sailings; all children must be accompanied by an adult of 18 years or older. Although there is no structured children's program, children may participate in all onboard activities suited to their level of ability.

Star Clippers Cancellation Policy

Days Prior to DepartureCancellation Charge Per Guest
120 Days or MoreFull Refund of the Total Fare (no fee)
119-75 Days Prior$400 per person
74-60 Days Prior50% of Total Fare
59-30 Days Prior75 of Total Fare
29-0 Days PriorNo refund.
  • Cancellation notices must be made in writing and must be received by Star Clippers no later than 120 days prior to sailing. If a cancellation occurs, the charges will be assessed according to the schedule noted above. Please note: Star Clippers can only be responsible for refunding amounts actually received. If cancellation fees are charged by air carriers, pre/post hotels or suppliers, they will be deducted from any refund made.
  • No refunds will be made to passengers who do not board the ship or passengers who cancel after the start of the cruise.