Ama Waterways also offers destination cruises to places like the romantic Rhone river in France, a journey through the waters of Russia, and cruises to the Porto River Valley in Portugal (which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site). September of 2009 AmaWaterways began sailing in Southeast Asia, where guests can explore Vietnam, Cambodia and the Mekong area.

AMA Waterways dedicates their greatest effort to providing each guest with an unforgettable vacation, full of unique experiences combined with an elegant atmosphere. To show you that your holiday is as important to them as it is to you, you’ll be treated to superior personal service. AMA Waterways continually enhances their itineraries and shore excursions to ensure that each trip is of the highest quality, and that every guest will be able to experience Europe, Portugal and Russia in a way they never would have thought possible. All staff on each vessel speaks English, although they all hail from countries ranging between Hungary, Slovakia, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Austria. Many passengers are American, Canadian and Australian, making for a vibrant mix of cultures and personalities!

Each trip includes a wonderful assortment of daily shore excursions, as well as onboard entertainment and educational lectures. Guests always have the option of joining in the shore excursions, or simply relaxing on board the ship, which is full of public areas adorned with art work, full of amenities, and more.

Dining is gourmet, and the food coupled with the service will make your experience an unparallelled one. Your trip on AmaWaterways will set the standard for European river cruising.


Onboard culinary staff create elegant menus full of delicious soups, fresh produce, choice and high quality meats, fresh fish and seafood, and more. Enjoy each meal as you’re served every course by smiling waitstaff who will cater to your tastes and preferences. Enjoy a lavish gourmet champagne breakfast buffet, where you’ll choose from a rich variety of breads, croissants and pastries, fruit, yogurt, cereals and smoked salmon; cheeses, cold cuts and local sausages, as well as regional specials are also available! Once you’ve enjoyed your morning shore excursion, you’ll return to a delectable lunch. Hot and cold appetizers served with home made soups, as well as a selection of amazing entrees and desserts. Dinner can be an elegant meal for two or a traditional theme night with a feast of regional specialties; delicious cuisine, complimentary local-vintage wines, and great company all make for an unforgettable dining experience.

AmaWaterways is known for their all-inclusive adventures, both on the water and on shore. Expect a personal touch like you’ve never experienced, since their intimate knowledge of Europe’s hidden gems will become apparent from the moment you step ashore. Picture yourself sailing through tranquil hamlets and quaint towns, as you watch the gaze at hilltop castles while the beautiful landscape passes by. At each stop, you’ll have unique opportunities arranged by AmaWaterways: shake hands with the Mayor or share a toast with the Wine Queen of the Mosel Valley. Local traditions will also showcase while you explore each destination. Each excursion gives you a hands-on experience of the cultures and histories of the areas you visit; you’ll be exposed to each destination’s highlights, as well as many places that only locals know about. Prepare yourself to explore Europe’s most charming towns and see the locals’ favorite secrets.


Along the riverbank, a romantic evening is beginning to show its face as the moon casts a warm glow over your ship. Savor delicious local wines as you toast your friends and family and share your day’s adventures with your fellow passengers. In the Panorama Lounge, guests will be entertained by local folkloric dancers, as well as classical musicians. During the warm summer months, you can dance the night away at local open-air festivals; your ship will be docked close to the center of each town and city you visit so you can easily delve into the spirit of each destination’s vibrant culture, traditions and evening activities.