Enjoy the intimate, comfortable, and fulfilling experience of small ship river cruising aboard the newest fleet of cruise ships in the America. Experience the delight of a fine hotel as you cruise the most amazing destinations around the country. American Cruise Lines brings you to the greatest locations along the inland waterways and rivers of the East Coast, Pacific Northwest, Mississippi, and Alaska. Our modern fleet of ships offers a unique, personal voyage through America’s historic waterways.

American Cruise Lines’ World Class modern ships are a testament to premier nautical engineering, luxurious comfort, and river cruising convenience. Their fleet of modern riverboats, paddle wheelers, and small cruise ships offer the latest amenities, state-of-the-art navigation, and safety equipment. The ships have spacious staterooms that feature large opening picture windows, roomy baths, and many offer furnished private balconies.

American Cruise Lines provide a highly personalized service and a relaxed atmosphere prevail onboard all of their modern fleet of ships. Their accommodating, all-American crew welcomes you with an unequaled level of attention.


  • All Meals
  • Complimentary Wine and Beer with Meals
  • Complimentary 24/7 Coffee, Tea and Soft Drinks Available
  • Breakfast Room Service*
  • Complimentary Shore Excursion Everyday
  • Complimentary Evening Cocktail Hour*
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Onboard Entertainment and Guest Lectures


American Cruise Lines brings you to the greatest destinations along the inland waterways in America. Smooth travel through the protected waterways, sheltered harbors and magnificent rivers of the United States of America.


American Cruise Lines has the newest, most environmentally friendly small cruise ships and riverboats in America. They have 4 modern riverboats and 5 small coastal class ships and 4 authentic paddle wheelers in their current fleet of ships. Sail with American Cruise Lines premium fleet of 100 to 200 guest passenger cruise ships.