Our Enrich experiences will take you into the cultural heart of life that has been established over centuries around the waterways of Europe. Whether cruising the Rhine, Main, Danube, Seine, Rhône, Volga, Mekong or Irrawaddy river, your Scenic River Cruise will be an unforgettable 5-star journey. Created exclusively for you, Scenic Enrich takes you to the core of the regions that you visit, ensuring you truly ‘live’ the experiences of cultural and culinary wealth. These are once-in-a-lifetime events that are truly unforgettable.


  • Shore Excursions
  • All Transfers to and From the Ship
  • Unlimited Wines, Beers, Spirits, Tea and Coffee and Soft Drinks Available All Day
  • Complimentary Wi-FiAll Meals Included
  • Laundry Service
  • Private Butler Services
  • On Board Bicycles
  • Stocked In Room Mini Bar
  • On Board Fitness Center
  • Pre-paid Gratuities


Scenic honors the beauty of time. They are not here to rush you from one place to the next. They want you to take the scenic route. To meander slowly and appreciate what’s around you – the smells, sounds and views that you enjoy your truly take your time. From sun drenched lavender fields in France to magnificent castles, historic towns and vineyards framing the Rhine and Danube rivers, You will travel to the places your always dreamt of.

Scenic River Cruises

Scenic River Cruises - Danube

Cruises From $3,510
The Danube River is Europe's second longest waterway, it passes through 10 countries, navigating a south-easterly route from its source in the Black Forest to its mouth in the Black Sea. Experience the wonders of the Main-Danube canal, the passage of Saint George, and the magnificent Danube Delta, taking in the spectacular scenery of Austria, Vienna and Budapest. Cruise through the Iron Gates gorge, This amazing landmark nestles between Romania and Serbia dividing the Carpathian and Balkan Mountains.

Scenic River Cruises - Rhine

Cruises From $3,295
The Rhine River begins its life as a stream high in the Swiss Alps. Once it reaches the city of Basel, the river widens and continues its course toward the North Sea. Since Roman times, the Rhine River has linked northern and central Europe; and as the Roman Empire grew larger and stronger, the river grew more important as a trade route. Today you can discover the waterways that flow through France and the picturesque neighborhoods appear to have sprung from the pages of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel.

Scenic River Cruises - Main

Cruises From $6,395
The Main River starts in the Upper Franconia region of Germany where the White Main and Red Main rivers meet, the Main River (pronounced “mine”) flows in a westerly direction for 330 miles, meandering through the German states of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, and Hesse; and through the major cities of Frankfurt, Offenbach, Wertheim, and Würzburg.

Scenic River Cruises - Moselle

Cruises From $3,295
Moselle River is the lesser-known jewel of Western Europe. For 339 miles, the Moselle flows down from the Vosges mountain range in northeastern France and continues its path through Luxembourg and western Germany before connecting with the Rhine at Koblenz. Along the way, the river flows gently past a handful of sleepy communes in France , some that are noted for their early 18th century stone ramparts and preserved Roman archaeology, others that are visited for their old town centers complete with basilicas and the ruins of medieval castles and mills.

Scenic River Cruises - Seine

Cruises From $5,895
The Seine River has become the luxury vacation of choice in Europe as it travels though France. Its history of writers have sat along the river’s banks in the heart of Paris, letting the languid waters coax from them great prose. Similarly, famous painters like Claude Monet have also sat along those same banks or followed the river to more pastoral settings in an attempt to capture its tranquil beauty on canvas.

Scenic River Cruises - Rhône

Cruises From $4,795
The Rhône River flows through the southeastern region of Europe. The river is mostly associated with France. The river actually originates from the Rhône Glacier that is located about 6,000 feet above sea level in the Swiss Alps. After it descends through the Alps, the river empties into Lake Geneva and then continues on its journey south west, meeting up with the Arve River just below the Swiss city of Geneva and then rushing through the Jura Mountains. Shortly after the river flows into France it turns south and starts a trek of about 190 miles to the Mediterranean Sea, which makes it unique, as the Rhône is the only major river in Europe that flows into the Mediterranean.

Scenic River Cruises - Douro (Portugal)

Cruises From $5,895
The Douro River flows in a westerly direction for 557 miles through Spain and Portugal, making it the third longest river on the Iberian Peninsula. The Douro region of Portugal is one of the oldest wine-growing regions in the world; its inhabitants have produced wine for about 2,000 years. Journey down along the river you will see brightly painted rabelo boats moored or sailing which provide a colorful scenic view of the Douro River valley. Centuries ago, these flat-keeled, square-rigged Portuguese cargo ships were the primary means of transporting barrels of Port from the vineyards and wineries up river to the city of Porto situated at the mouth of the Douro on the Atlantic coast.

Scenic River Cruises - Volga

Cruises From $6,495
The Volga River has been recognized as the national river of Russia; and because it is so instrumental in the daily lives of so many Russian people, the river is often referred to as “Mother Volga.” It’s no wonder then that Volga River cruises, which allow guests the opportunity to explore a large swath of the river, are a highly sought after travel experience. The Volga’s delta is also the confluence of hundreds of smaller rivers and streams, which makes it the largest estuary in Europe, and a habitat for flamingos and pelicans —the only location in Russia where those species can be found.

Scenic River Cruises - Mekong

Cruises From $2,845
From its origins more than 16,000 feet above sea level in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet, the Mekong River flows south through precipitous gorges in China before it reaches the Golden Triangle—a geographical point where the borders of Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand meet. From there, it continues its southward course through Cambodia and Vietnam (the region explored by many Scenic Mekong river cruises) before it finally empties into the South China Sea. You will sail through various parts of Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia, and it provides an enlightening view of how important the river is to the local Cambodian people and to their livelihoods.


The Ships are luxury focused innovation and are designed to ensure the Scenic is a class leader, delivering the ultimate in cruising on our boutique small ships. The ships offer 5-star luxury; from every scented bath drawn by your butler, to every gourmet meal expertly create by our board chefs.


Scenic Cruise ships are intimate and cutting-edge ships, you’ll enjoy the ultimate in all-inclusive luxury. Designed with you in mind, our visionary vessels will be your very own floating hotel as you explore the waterways of the world in revolutionary comfort. With innovative new technology, a wide selection of dining options and spacious suites, you’ll be spoilt for choice from the moment you step on board our 5-star fleet. The sense of space, the luxurious fittings and the thoughtful touches all suggest that you are about to embark on a cruise in surroundings that are simply unsurpassed. Only the spectacular ever-changing scenery reminds you that you’re on a ship, and not in a 5-star hotel.


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Cruise fare includes all normal shipboard services and facilities plus, all meals, all nonalcoholic beverages, select wines, beers, during lunch and dinner and shore excursions. The cruise fare does not include cruise port, security, navigation, berthing, stevedoring, and baggage handling/storage charges, fuel surcharges, fees or charges imposed by governmental or quasi-governmental authorities, sightseeing or meals ashore, taxes, gratuities, visa fees, laundry or valet service, or any item or service whatsoever of a personal nature, such as any massage or salon services which may be provided onboard and for which separate charges may be imposed. Transfers between the airport and ship on the day of embarkation and disembarkation are not included.